MO Point. Wo Mobilität zuhause ist.


Welcome at MO.Point on the location Perfektastrasse

At this Mobility Point at Perfektastrasse, 58, 1230 Vienna the following sharing-vehicles are available:

  • 5 e-Bikes: 2€ / h
  • 1 electric cargo-bike: 4 €/h
  • 1 electric car (VW E-Golf): 8 €/h, incl. 200km
  • 1 PKW combi (Skoda Octavia)): 8 €/h, incl. 200km

Users must register once to use the shared mobility services. Apply here and become member of MO.Point to use the sharing vehicles. The annual membership fee is 29 € per year, you get a credit for the same amount:

Reduced tariffs are available for inhabitants of Perfektastrasse 58. To receive the contract for business clients please contact us at