MO.Point connects city planning and habitation with personalized mobility services: The company develops mobility concepts for city quarters and real estates, with in-depth expertise in the planning and implementation of e-mobility sharing-services. Once implemented MO.Point operates these sharing services:
Registered end-consumers can purchase a package of mobility services and get access to different sharing-vehicles just in front of the door, such as e-bikes, e-scooters or e-cars.


Why MO.Point?

Increase your quality of life. Whether private or occupational – For members of MO.Point, the appropriate vehicle is available for every purpose:

  • Wide range of eco-friendly sharing-vehicles such as e-bikes, electric cars, e-cargo-bikes or scooters
  • Cost-effective and flexible mobility
  • Easy access to the vehicles with your mobility card around the clock
  • One point of contact for your daily mobility
  • Registration, booking and billing on a single booking platform

How does it work?

0. Register

Register for the offers of MO.Point.

1. Book

Book the appropriate vehicle when needed.

2. Drive

You get access to the vehicles via the MO.Point member card.

3. Pay

The payment of the trips is done end of the month via SEPA direct debit scheme.


Real estate developer

Real estate developers profit from the implementation of a mobility point:

  • Attractive mobility services for your clients that fit local needs
  • Reduction of required parking spaces and construction costs
  • One contact for all mobility services on site
  • Added value for the property
  • Image-gain by smart and sustainable mobility

Cities and communities

Cities, town quarters or communities can implement additional mobility services for citizens:

  • Cost efficient supplement of public transport
  • Promotion of sustainable and electric mobility
  • Contribution to meet climate- and traffic policy objectives
  • Connection of areas with poor public transport accessibility
  • Image-gain by smart and sustainable mobility


Companies with or without own vehicle fleet profit from MO.Point:

  • Flexible vehicle pool available for your employees
  • Reduction of fleet costs
  • Optimization of utilization rates
  • Diversification of the vehicle fleet
  • Incentives for employees
  • Image-gain by smart and sustainable mobility


  • Our Vision

The vision of MO.Point is to facilitate  the mobility of people and to increase the quality of urban living. Besides walking, cycling and public transport, mobility needs should mainly be covered by shared mobility and low-emission vehicles. This means: more space for people, less costs for personal mobility and an increase of flexibility by choosing the appropriate vehicle only when needed. Our mission is to meet mobility needs of inhabitants and commercial users best. MO.Point promotes local and sustainable mobility services directly at the place of living, respectively at the place of work. To anchor shared mobility services at a local level in urban quarters we cooperate closely with inhabitants, city planners and property developers. It is our goal to establish the company internationally as solution provider for shared sustainable mobility at real estates and in town districts.




  • Perfektastraße

It's perfect!

At this Mobility Point users can rent 5 e-Bikes, an electric cargo bike, an electric and a conventional car. Users must register once as member of MO.Point to use the shared mobility services. Besides inhabitants, everybody can register to use the mobility services. The unique shared mobility offer was implemented in cooperation with the real estate developer Österreichisches Siedlungswerk ÖSW. It was conceived already during planning and construction of the 115 housing units. Since June 2016, MO.Point has been operating this project at the residential neighbourhood.

E-cargo bike
Estate car
  • Grätzlrad am Nordbahnhof, 1020 Vienna

Electric cargo-bike

At the city quarter Nordbahnhof, in the 2nd district in Vienna, you can rent an electric cargo bike. MO.Point provides the so called “Grätzlrad” to the neighborhood in cooperation with the grocery store “Der Burgenländer”. The bike can be reservated via www.graetzlrad.wien.at Lending and return takes place during the opening hours at the Greißlerei Burgenländer. As part of the cargo-bike promotion of the city of Vienna, the vehicles for the Grätzlrad operators have been subsidized. Book the bike

E-cargo bike
  • Grätzlrad in Margareten, 1050 Vienna

Electric cargo-bike

With the support of MO.Point, our partner company Mitico Bikes provides a so called “Grätzlrad” at Margaretenstraße 107, in the 5th district of Vienna. The electric cargo bike is designed for a maximum payload of 100kg or the transport of two children. The bike can be reservated via www.graetzlrad.wienLending and return can be done during the opening hours of Mitico Bikes. The two-wheeler specialist offers not only professional advice and sells e-bikes, pedelecs or e-motorsport bikes, but also offers a workshop and a café.

Book the cargo-bike

E-cargo bike